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Scores for 2014 Event Posted

The official scores for each game from the 2014 Festival are now in the books.  Look at the page on the website entitled 2014 for results.  (or click here)Some great action took place over the weekend with some of the finest clubs ever put together in one place.  Great vintage clubs like the Brooklyn Atlantics, New York Mutuals, Cincinnati Red Stockings, Providence Grays, Saginaw Old Golds, Talbot Fair Plays and Elkton Eclipse were all in one place along with some fantastic other clubs as well.

In the end, only one club made it out undefeated and that was the New York Gothams going 4-0.  The Brooklyn Atlantics ended up 4-1 while the Eckfords, Elkton, Talbot, Southern Delaware, and Forest City each ended the weekend 3-1.  While everyone played to win, the main focus on the weekend was to play some great 19th century base ball from all different years against opponents you have never seen or haven’t seen in a long while while renewing friendships forged over the many years of playing 19th century base ball.

Hats off to every club who came to town.  It was a gathering that will not be soon forgotten by the fans who came to the Festival or the clubs who played in it!


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Thanks for a Great Event!

The 5th Annual Gettysburg National 19th Century Base Ball Festival is now in the books and thanks to all the clubs and the record number of fans, the Festival was a huge success!

We’ll be posting the results shortly and you will want to come back to this site to see more about a photo contest for those who took pictures of the event as well as an opportunity to purchase official festival t shirts for those who wanted one but didn’t get there in time!  We hope you had a great time and we’ll see you the third weekend in July next year!

For clubs who want to participate in 2015 its never too soon to throw your hat in the ring.  We are taking inquiries now for clubs who are interested in the 6th Annual Event!

Stay Tuned!

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Special Games Highlight Festival

The 5th Annual Gettysburg National 19th Century Base Ball Festival is only days away now and the players and clubs are starting to make their way to town via steamboat, stagecoach, horse back and train.  This year’s Festival will be a special one.  In years past, the event has show all games played the same way it was played in 1864 in Gettysburg.  This year, we will be showing the public all styles of play in base ball’s formative years from primative town ball (with a 1839 origination) all the way up to the almost modern game of 1884.  In between, fans will see games from 1855, 1857, 1862, 1864, 1866, 1867, 1869, 1870, 1873, 1876 and 1884.

Fans who come out at 12pm on Sunday will get a special treat to see a re-match of the Philadelphia Athletics and New York Mutuals from 1876.  Both clubs were original members of the National League but were kicked out for not traveling west (to read the real story purchase a program at the Festival!).  Fans will get to see how base ball was played when the National League (the league the current Phillies and Pirates play in) started.  Another great story line is the re-matches of games between the famous Cincinnati Red Stockings and others.  In 1870, the Red Stockings were in the middle of a 70 game win streak when they defeated the Mutuals, Athletics, and New York Gothams.  It all came crashing down for them in 1870 when they ran up against the Brooklyn Atlantics.  See a rematch of this game at 3pm on Saturday. 

Another highlight will be a townball demonstration and game by the Philadelphia Athletics vs the Columbus Capitals at 1:45 on Sunday.  Fans will get to see what the very first base ball game looked like.  Festival goers will also not want to miss a progressive match between the Providence Grays and the Elkton Eclipse on Saturday at 11am.  In this game, the match will start in 1854 followed by 2 innings of 1864 then 2 of 1874 and 3 of 1884 so fans in one game will see the entire progression of base ball from its infancy to its almost modern form.  Its a game you won’t want to miss!


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Base Ball Walk To Take Place July 19th!

Gettysburg, PA– The Steinwehr Avenue Business Improvement District in combination with the Gettysburg National 19th Century Base Ball Festival are proud to announce a new event coming to Gettysburg for one night only.  At 8:00pm on Saturday night, July 19th visitors to Gettysburg can try something different.  Instead of the typical night time tours and ghost walks of Gettysburg, there will be a 19th Century Base Ball walk.  Participants will learn all about America’s Pastime when it was in its infancy and how it grew in to America’s favorite sport.  

Guides dressed in base ball uniforms modeled after the clothes worn in the 19th century will take walkers of all ages to 3 different locations on Steinwehr Avenue.  At the first location at one of Gettysburg’s newest businesses, A Lil Something, (5 Steinwehr Avenue).  Participants will gather here to hear about the evolution of uniforms and the equipment.  They will see different styles of uniforms as well as different bats, balls and even primative gloves and catchers equipment.  They will learn how players went from no gloves at all to the modern one that players use today.  They will also see the heavy wool uniforms and caps and they evolved in to today’s designs.

As walkers move to the next location at Ragged Edge Coffee (82 Steinwehr Aveneu) they will hear andedotes about base ball and its characters as well as great stories about the game.  Fans can ask questions as well throughout the performace.  At Ragged Edge Coffee they will hear about the evolution of the game and how the rules progressed in to the game fans see today.  Finally, a walk over to the Reliance Mine at the Quality Inn on Steiwehr will complete their journey with a talk about the great players and teams of the 19th century.  After the walk, participants should get a really good idea of what it was like to play in the 19th century and to see the big difference is between then and today.

The event is completely free and compatable for the entire family.  Registration ahead of time is encouraged but not neccessary.  You can register at  You can also email for any questions you may have ahead of time.  The next day, all participants are encouraged to go out and see day two of the 5th Annual Gettysburg National 19th Century Base Ball Festival which starts at 8:30 and goes until about 3:00.  The address is 965 Pumping Station Road just a couple of minutes from the center of town.



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Sponsors Lining Up for Festival!

As we approach the 5th edition of the Gettysburg National 19th Century Base Ball Festival, the organizers are more grateful every day for the great support the community has put behind the event.  It is truely an event for tourism that shows the visitors (and citizens of Adams County) what a sporting event was like in Gettysburg in the 19th century and that more happened in town than just a battle.

The Festival started as an idea between the Elkton Eclipse and Destination Gettysburg with just a small 6 team tournament and has grown to a large 2 day 18 club festival featuring clubs from all over the country.  These clubs are staying in local hotels, eating at restaurants in town, shopping in the stores and looking for entertainment while in town.  The community has responded great to help us put the event on. 

Shortly after the concept took shape in 2009, Gettysburg Eddies got on board and it quickly became the headquarters for the event.  They even have their upstairs dinning room permanently named the Eclipse Room.  If you get a chance, stop in and see all the pictures and memorabilla from past events!  Soon we had other partners on board such as Hickory Hollow Farm where you can get a unique tour of the battlefields by horse back.  When you come back from the Festival itself, make sure you unwind at Reid’s Tasting Room at the Jennie House before you head back out for your evening activitites which may include a walk with Gettysburg Ghost Tours.  If its sweets you are after, head down the road a piece to Mr. Ed’s to see his world famous elephant collection while picking up some peanuts, fudge or other candy.   When you get back, make sure you take a leisurly stroll down Steinwehr Avenue to see all the great shops and restaurants that the town has to offer.  If you want to pick up some memorabilla or maybe a replica uniform, head over to Baltimore Street to the Regimental Quartermaster for some great period pieces.   If you are staying the night make sure you check in to the 1863 Inn of Gettysburg, or the Quality Inn, Lodge at Gettysburg or the Gettysburg Super 8 or America’s Best Value Inn.

Whatever your pasion or desire is when you get to Gettysburg for base ball weekend, you won’t be able to turn the corner without seeing one of our sponsors.  Its not too late to be a parter with the Festival.  We’ll tailor your sponsorship to fit your needs so we’re all winners!  Like Wellspan Health,  who is a great community asset, we hope to be around as long as they have been and be an asset to the community as well!

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5th Annual Festival Almost Here

Gettysburg, PA- The 5th Annual Gettysburg National 19th Century Base Ball Festival is almost 1 month away and all 18 clubs are anxiously making their arrangements to be in town for the weekend of July 18-20.  Action starts on Saturday July 19th at 9:00am at the Schroeder Family Farm on 965 Pumping Station Road just 2 minutes from the Peach Orchard and the day 2 battlefields.  Clubs will be showing the public how base ball was played in the 1800′s from town ball which was popular in the 1830s all the way up to the almost modern game of 1884. 

The weekend is kicked off at Gettysburg Eddies on Friday night July 18th.  Come to the restaurant between 6pm and 9pm and meet many of the participants who will be onsite.  Have dinner in the Eclipse Dining Room upstairs and see all the photographs and memorabilla of past Festivals.  Over the course of the weekend, you will see the reconstituted clubs from some of the most famous organizations in 19th century base ball including the Cincinnati Red Stockings, the Brooklyn Atlantics, the New York Mutuals, the Forest City Base Ball Club from Cleveland,l the Providence Grays and the Philadelphia Athletic to name just a few.  See a rematch of an original National League game from 1876 featuring the two clubs kicked out of the NL for not traveling west- the Philadelphia Athletics vs the New York Mutuals.  See the Mutuals and the Atlantics rematch the Cincinnati Red Stockings who were undefeated in 1870.  Can they do it again in 2014?  See a townball game performed by the Athletics.  Don’t miss a progressive game between the Elkton Eclipse and the Providence Grays highlighting a different year each inning.  There will be so many great games you will want to stay all weekend!  If you do, Saturday kicks off at 9:00am and will go to about 6:00pm and Sunday starts at 8:30 and finishes by about 3:00.  See our website for the full schedule.

If you are coming there will be concessions on site as well as a stand from Mr. Ed’s featuring peanuts, lemonade and sno cones.  19th century vendors will be there selling vintage base balls, bats, caps, books, t-shirts, pins, programs, and more.  The festival is free, but you can give donations for parking to Gettysburg Little League as well as to the Festival itself for coming in if you like what you see!  Bring you chairs, blankets, shade tents, and picnic baskets (please leave your alcohol and pets at home).  You won’t want to miss this family oriented festival which shows the public what a sporting event was like in Gettysburg before million dollar contracts, cars, …and gloves!  Don’t miss it!

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Field Announced for 5th Edition of Festival

Gettysburg, PA- The Gettysburg National 19th Century Base Ball Festival announces its field for the 5th Annual event which will take place July 19-20 at the Schroeder Family Farm in Gettysburg in 2014.  Once again 11 clubs from the region and 7 national clubs from all over the country will converge on Gettysburg in July to show the public what a 19th century base ball event looked like in Adams County.

“We are really excited to announce this year’s field.  It once again has some of the most storied 19th century base ball clubs in America competing over 2 days.” said Bruce Leith, President of the Eclipse Base Ball Club of Elkton who is the organizer of the event.  Something new added this year includes games not just from 1864 but from many years from 1839 to 1891.  Fans will get to see the progression of the game from its earliest start to almost what it looks like today.

The clubs competing this year include:  the Providence Grays from Rhode Island; the New York Gothams, the New York Mutuals The Brooklyn Eckfords and the Brooklyn Atlantics from New York; the Flemington Neshanock from New Jersey; the Philadelphia Athletics, Harrisburg Keystones, and Pittsburgh Franklins from Pennsylvania; the Talbot Fair Plays and Elkton Eclipse from Maryland; the Lewes Base Ball Club and the Milford Excelsiors from Delaware; the Forest City Base Ball Club of Cleveland, The Columbus Capitals and the Cincinnati Red Stockings from Ohio; the Saginaw Old Golds and the Mt Clemens Regulars from Michigan.

If clubs are interested in competing in the event in 2015, the organizers are already taking spots for the 6th edition.  So far the Northville Eclipse from Michigan and Fulton Mules from Ohio are already on board.    Clubs will play 4 games over 2 days chiefly against clubs they have either never seen or have not played for some time.

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Interested in Playing for Gettysburg?

The 2013 Gettysburg 19th Century Base Ball Festival has come and gone and we have already started planning for the 5th one on July 19 and 20, 2014.  You don’t have to wait that long to get your 19th century base ball fix though!   A standing club is forming in Gettysburg that will play a full schedule in 2014 in the Mid Atlantic Vintage Base Ball League with its home games in Gettysburg.  If you are interested in playing for the new club or helping out in any way please contact us at and we’ll get you over to the right people.  Players are generally between the ages of 21 to 70 and they don’t have to be former professional players or all star softball players!  Each age range has a different skill set that is needed to make the club successful–younger guys can run and hit the ball further, while older guys can place the ball in holes and gaps which was a big part of the 19th century game.  The season runs from early April until the end of October and most teams play a couple of days each month.  You don’t even have to commit to 100% of your games as well!    If you have any interest, please contact us so we can get the club up and running in time for 2014! 

They will also be looking for umpires, score keepers, and other sideline people as well as “front office” positions. If you ever wanted to work (voluteer) in baseball, this is your chance!

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2013 Festival a Huge Success

Gettysburg, PA— 17 clubs from all over the United States converged on the Schroeder Farm in Gettysburg on July 20 and 21 for some of the finest 19th century base ball matches ever seen.  Long time vintage base ball friends who had not seen each other in years got together to rekindle friendships and play base ball the same way it was played in the 1860s.  Those “old guard” players got to meet some new friends as well as some of the brightest new clubs in vintage base ball were also in attendance.  A constant crowd of almost 1,000 people each day came to watch 33 games of great base ball. 

Two time champion the Saginaw Old Golds continued their perfect streak in Gettysburg winning their 12th straight game but it was not easy.  They were able to squeek by the Brooklyn Atlantics 6-4 and the upstart Milford Excelsiors 8-4 but their toughest game may have been against the Talbot Fair Plays.  The Fair Plays spoted the Old Golds 10 runs to start the game but came roaring back only to come up just short 11-10.

The Cleveland Blues had a nice showing in their initial festival appearance going 3-1 with some impressive wins.  In the first game of the day they let Elkton score 5 in the first, but chipped away and scored a run in the 8th inning to beat the hosts 7-6.  An impressive win over Philadelphia and then a 1 run victory over Talbot 4-3 rounded out their wins.  In what may have been one of the best matches of the weekend, the Blues led the Atlantics 1-0 through 8 innings until Brooklyn scored 3 aces in the 9th to win 3-1.

Brooklyn fininshed with a nice 4-1 record including a 5-0 shutout over Bay City and a close 9-6 win over Milford.  Bay City though had a great weekend as well finishing 2-2-1 with victories over Flemington 16-14, and Philadelphia 31-6 and a 12-4 win over Harrisburg.  In another great match of the weekend, the tied Elkton after leading Elkton by 10 in the 6th inning.  Elkton came back chipping a little off of each inning until a dramatic 9th when they scored 4 to tie it and then held the Independents to a white wash in the bottom of the 9th for a tie.  Elkton also had two other nice wins against Providence and Columbus to finish 3-1.

Columbus finished 1-3 while spliting with the New York clubs defeating the Mutuals but losing to the Gothams.  The Gothams had a strong showing with a 3-1 record only losing to Milford 13-4 while picking up wins against Talbot, Columbus, and Harrisburg.  The Keystones from Harrisburg couldn’t match their 4-0 run last year and dropped matches to Bay City, the Gothams, the Mutuals and Providence.  Union Mills from Westminster came in on Sunday and went 1-1 with a win over Philadelphia and lost to Flemington.  West Chester who came in just for Saturday dropped two to Washington and the Mutuals. 

Overall, the Festival was a great success.  Once again General Lee and General Grant were on hand as well as Eddie Plank III to throw out first balls for each of the games.  All of the clubs had an experience they won’t soon forget!

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4th Annual Event One Week Away

The organizers are getting ready for the 4th Annual Gettysburg 19th Century Base Ball Festival which will take place July 20 and 21 at the Schroeder Family Farm which is located at 965 Pumping Station Road. Located in the heart of battlefield land, if you are near the Peach Orchard, just turn on to Millerstown Road off of Rt 15 and follow it until it becomes Pumping Station Road. The Festival is on the right hand side.

Some of the best clubs in the country will be competing as well as some of the most famous names in 19th century base ball. Clubs like the Athletic Base Ball Club from Philadelphia, the New York Mutuals, Providence Grays, New York Gothams, Brooklyn Atlantics, Cleveland Blues and Columbus Capitals will be playing. The two time champion Saginaw Old Golds from Michigan will once again be in town as will the Bay City Independents from the same state. The local favorite, the Harrisburg Keystones will once again be in attendance as well.

Its a completely free event, but fans are welcome to give donations to the Gettysburg Little League who will help them with parking and the Festival itself once you get in. You can dress in modern clothing or feel free to dress the part of a townsperson from 1864 and even make a donation of what 1864 ticket prices would have been! (50 cents for men, 25 cents for kids and seniors 45 and up, and 10 cents for the ladies!). Bring your own chairs and blankets and even your shade tents if you would like. You can bring in your own food and drink or purchase items from the concessions that will be there on site.

You will see games of base ball played the same way it was played in its formative years in Adams County. Stop and ask any player between games or even between innings any questions you may have. There will also be players walking around the crowd as well to answer anything you may want to know. Some come on out on Saturday starting at 9am and lasting until the early evening or Sunday starting at 8:30 until the mid afternoon and see baseball the way it was played before million dollar contracts, televisions, cars,…and gloves!

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