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6th Annual Festival Another Success!

Gettysburg, PA– 18 clubs from all over the country once again converged on Gettysburg for the 6th Annual Gettysburg National 19th Century Base Ball Festival.  The searing heat nor the tremendous thunderstorm that ripped through the grounds just minutes before the scheduled start of the event could not keep the hundreds and hundreds of fans away to see 37 great games of 19th century base ball.

Clubs from Maine, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio, Tennessee and Washington DC were there showing the public what a sporting event was like in the 1860s.

There were nail bitters and run away games but just about every club walked away with at least one win.  The Columbus Capitals actually left town with 5 victories and no defeats.  The Providence Grays joined them as the other undefeated club winning all 4 of their contests.  Look under 2015 results for all of the scores from the weekend.

A big thank you goes out to our partners and the great people and businesses of Gettysburg who helped us bring this free event to the people of Adams County and its visitors.  A big thank you goes to:  Gettysburg Eddies, Destination Gettysburg, Steinwehr BID, Gettysburg Ghost Tours, the Malagees, Regimental Quartermaster, MedExpress, Ruffensperger, Marin & Finkenbind, Karen and Chris Talbot, Kristi’s Kustom Framing, Dina High & Robert Savino, Prowler Bat Company, Strawbridge Sewing Works, Donna & Al Walker, Shrine Club of Adams County, Jack Bream, O’Rorke’s Family Eatery, Hockley & O’ Donnell Insurance Agency, and so many others.

6th Annual Festival Only Days Away!

The 18 clubs from all over the country are loading up their wagons and heading to the train stations as they prepare to arrive in Gettysburg later this week.  You don’t want to miss any of the action this weekend as there will be 38 games over 2 days.  You can see what base ball looked like at its infancy in a town ball game between the Philadelphia Athletics and the Elkton Eclipse at 1pm Saturday or you can see what base ball would have looked like around the time of the Civil War any time during the event as a lot of games will be from the years 1863 and 1864.

The first games on Saturday start at 9am and will go until about 5pm and Sunday starts at 8:30 and lasts until around 3pm.  Clubs from as far away as Tennessee and Maine and as close as Harrisburg and West Chester will be there.

Don’t miss lectures from 10-2 on Saturday as you can hear about different aspects of the 19th century game and great stories from some of the finest 19th century base ball historians in the country.  Also don’t miss the 2nd Annual Base Ball Walk sponsored by Steinwehr BID at 8pm on Saturday night as well.

A big thanks to our sponsors including:  Gettysburg Eddies, Destination Gettysburg, Steinwehr BID, Gettysburg Ghost Tours, Regimental Quartermaster, MedExpress, O’Roarke’s Family Eatery, Hockley & O’Donnell Insurance Agency, the History Nerds, Krisi’s Kustom Framing, David and Sherri Malagee, Raffensburger, Martin and Finkenbind, Prowler Bats, Strawbridge Sewing Works,, and many others.

We’ll see you Saturday- Remember- bring your chairs, blankets, shade tents and your own picnic basket or purchase concessions from our vendors.  The event is free thanks to the generosity of the good merchants and citizens of Gettysburg who have partnered with us.  Parking is free but donations are accepted by the Gettysburg Little League.  Play Ball!!!

Festival Update – February 2015

We’re gearing up for the 6th Annual Gettysburg National 19th Century Base Ball Festival.  We have announced the 18 club field and once again it will be a great weekend of old time, family fun base ball the way it was played before million dollar contracts, televisions…and gloves!

The final selection of clubs is as follows:  The host Elkton Eclipse, the Harrisburg Keystones, the Flemington Neshanock, the Talbot Fair Plays, the Delaware Diamond States, the Philadelphia Athletics, the Southern Delaware BBC, the Capital Star BBC of Washington, the Brandywine BBC of West Chester, the New York Gothams, the Columbus Capitals, the New York Mutuals, the Brooklyn Atlantics, the Providence Grays, the Dirigo BBC of Maine,the Brooklyn Eckfords, the Spring Creek Nine of Mumford, New York and last but certainly not least, the Hog and Hominy Club of Tennessee.

You won’t want to miss a game as you can see how base ball progressed from a basic bat and ball game of town ball in the 1840s all the way up to the almost modern game of 1884 and many years in between.  Just announced, on Saturday there will be talks on all types of things about 19th century base ball.  A new topic on the hour from 10am until 2pm on Saturday the 18th.  Also on Saturday night will be our 2nd annual Base Ball Walk down Steinwehr Avenue.  Walk along with the group and hear about all things base ball with some great antidotes along the way.

More activities and events will be added as we get closer.  Stay tuned to this webpage for more details as we get closer.  The schedule should be released in the next couple of weeks so you will know when you favorite club is playing.

Thanks for a Great Event!

The 5th Annual Gettysburg National 19th Century Base Ball Festival is now in the books and thanks to all the clubs and the record number of fans, the Festival was a huge success!

We’ll be posting the results shortly and you will want to come back to this site to see more about a photo contest for those who took pictures of the event as well as an opportunity to purchase official festival t shirts for those who wanted one but didn’t get there in time!  We hope you had a great time and we’ll see you the third weekend in July next year!

For clubs who want to participate in 2015 its never too soon to throw your hat in the ring.  We are taking inquiries now for clubs who are interested in the 6th Annual Event!

Stay Tuned!

Special Games Highlight Festival

The 5th Annual Gettysburg National 19th Century Base Ball Festival is only days away now and the players and clubs are starting to make their way to town via steamboat, stagecoach, horse back and train.  This year’s Festival will be a special one.  In years past, the event has shown all games played the same way it was played in 1864 in Gettysburg.  This year, we will be showing the public all styles of play in base ball’s formative years from primitive town ball (with a 1839 origination) all the way up to the almost modern game of 1884.  In between, fans will see games from 1855, 1857, 1862, 1864, 1866, 1867, 1869, 1870, 1873, 1876 and 1884.

Fans who come out at 12pm on Sunday will get a special treat to see a re-match of the Philadelphia Athletics and New York Mutuals from 1876.  Both clubs were original members of the National League but were kicked out for not traveling west (to read the real story purchase a program at the Festival!).  Fans will get to see how base ball was played when the National League (the league the current Phillies and Pirates play in) started.  Continue reading