Its Tournament Week!

This weekend, Gettysburg will witness base ball the same way it did in 1864.  6 clubs are gearing up to come to town to show the public how the great American Pastime got started.  These clubs will be playing base ball the same way it was played in the mid 1860s using the same style uniforms and equipment and playing by the same rules and using the same customs and language as was used during the end of the Civil War.

Starting at 10am, 2 matches will start as President Lincoln, General Grant and General Lee will be on hand to throw out first balls during the day.  Matches are in 2 blocks on Saturday starting at 10am, Noon, and 2pm.  Sunday there is one more round of regular match play at 10:30 and then at 12:30 are the championship rounds. 

Fans who come out will not only see the games, they can also see Lincoln, Grant and Lee as well as hear stiring renditions of Casey at the Bat and much more.  There will be people all over to help you understand the rules and customs and to let you see what a 19th century bat and ball looked like.

The whole tournament takes place at Hickory Hollow Farms just a couple of miles west of the center of town off of Route 30 west on Crooked Creek Rd.  Free admission and free parking.  Concessions by Gettysburg Eddies so bring a picnic basket or enjoy a great lunch by Gettysburg Eddies.  Stop by Gettysburg Eddies on Friday and/or Saturday night and meet the ball players and hear all about this soon to be great tradition in Gettysburg!

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