3rd Annual Festival Only 2 weeks away!

In no time, the 3rd Annual Gettysburg 19th Century Base Ball Festival is coming to town!  On Friday night, July 20, the clubs will be meeting at the Eclipse Dinning Room at Gettysburg Eddies for a reception.  Come on out from 6pm to 9pm and see most of the players from all 14 clubs that will be there.  All the final arrangements are now being made for the weekend and all 14 clubs are hoping on their stagecoaches, steam boats, and horse and buggies and are headed towards Gettysburg!  Clubs from the largest cities like New York, Indianapolis, Providence to the smallest towns such as Melrose, Royal Oak and Talbot are gearing up for a great weekend of base ball.

Make sure you come out early on Saturday, July 21st as the action starts at 9am and won’t end until somewhere around 7pm that night.  Clubs will be playing on 3 fields continuously throughout the day.  Bring your lawn chairs, blankets, event tents for shade and a picnic basket or enjoy the concessions that will be there including ice cream and water ice.  Sunday starts even earlier at 8:30am and will go until about 4pm on all 3 fields.

The fields are named after great soldiers from the battle of Gettysburg including Meade’s Meadows, Grant’s Grounds, and Pickett’s Field.  The 3 fields are sponsored by our 3 great partners:  Gettysburg Eddies, Hickory Hollow Farms, and the Gettysburg Visitors and Convention Bureau.  General Lee and General Grant will be throwing first balls and posing for pictures.  Feel free to stop any player between games or even between innings if you have a question.  If you are lucky, you may even hear a rendition of Casey at the Bat!

Admission to the festival is absoletly free.   Parking is being handled by the Gettysburg Little League so a donation to them as you park your car would go a long way to helping them raise funds.  If you really want to get in to the spirit of the day, there will be donation boxes at each field where you can deposit 50 cents for gentlemen and 10 cents for ladies and seniors over 45 which is what the big city first class clubs charged back in the mid 19th century–but totally not neccessary!

So come on out and see what a sporting event was like in Gettysburg in 1864–before million dollar contracts, televisions, steroids…and gloves!  Players will be wearing uniforms and playing with equipment that were styled after the actuals in 1864 and playing by the rules and customs of the day, so come on out and enjoy!

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