Schroeder Farm Site of 2013 Event

The Elkton Eclipse and the Schroeder Family are proud to announce that the site of the 2013 Gettysburg 19th Century Base Ball Festival will be at the Schroeder Farm on 965 Pumping Station Road just outside of town.  The idealic setting for the festival, the farm will feature 5 fields as well as plenty of parking for anyone who attends.  Known formerly as the Yingling Farm, which has been the site of several re-enactments, it will be a perfect place to hold the 16 club event with no seen modern intrusions.

The fields are located within a mile of the boundaries of the 6,000-acre Gettysburg National Military Park, with Little and Big Round Top, the Eisenhower Farm and Sach’s Covered Bridge viewable from the property. “It’s an absolutely pristine site for the event, with beautiful views and it’s right next to the battlefield,”  said the event organizers.

More information to follow

(Note: Subject to permits from Freedom Twp.)

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