Base Ball Walk To Take Place July 19th!

Gettysburg, PABase Ball WalkThe Steinwehr Avenue Business Improvement
District in combination with the Gettysburg National 19th Century Base Ball Festival are proud to announce a new event coming to Gettysburg for one night only.  At
8:00pm on Saturday night, July 19th visitors to Gettysburg can try something different.  Instead of the typical night time tours and ghost walks of Gettysburg, there will be a 19th Century Base Ball walk.  Participants will learn all about America’s Pastime when it was in its infancy and how it grew in to America’s favorite sport.

Guides dressed in base ball uniforms modeled after the clothes worn in the 19th century will take walkers of all ages to 3 different locations on Steinwehr Avenue.  At the first location at one of Gettysburg’s newest businesses, A Lil Something, (5 Steinwehr Avenue).  Participants will gather here to hear about the evolution of uniforms and the equipment.  They will see different styles of uniforms as well as different bats, balls and even primative gloves and catchers equipment.  They will learn how players went from no gloves at all to the modern one that players use today.  They will also see the heavy wool uniforms and caps and they evolved in to today’s designs.

As walkers move to the next location at Ragged Edge Coffee (82 Steinwehr Aveneu) they will hear andedotes about base ball and its characters as well as great stories about the game.  Fans can ask questions as well throughout the performace.  At Ragged Edge Coffee they will hear about the evolution of the game and how the rules progressed in to the game fans see today.  Finally, a walk over to the Reliance Mine at the Quality Inn on Steiwehr will complete their journey with a talk about the great players and teams of the 19th century.  After the walk, participants should get a really good idea of what it was like to play in the 19th century and to see the big difference is between then and today.

The event is completely free and compatable for the entire family.  Registration ahead of time is encouraged but not neccessary.  You can register at  You can also email for any questions you may have ahead of time.  The next day, all participants are encouraged to go out and see day two of the 5th Annual Gettysburg National 19th Century Base Ball Festival which starts at 8:30 and goes until about 3:00.  The address is 965 Pumping Station Road just a couple of minutes from the center of town.



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