2015 Schedule Announced

Gettysburg, PA— The Gettysburg National 19th Century Base Ball Festival officially released the 2015 schedule of matches for the July Festival.  38 games are scheduled to be played over the 2 days in the middle of July.  While most games will be played by the rules of 1864, several others will be played from all different years of the 19th century from primitive town ball of the 1830s all the way up to the almost modern game of 1884.

“We are really excited to announce this year’s schedule.  Clubs have been waiting for months for this day and we hope they are all happy with the draw” said Bruce Leith, President of the Elkton Base Ball Club and Exhibition Company, the non profit 501c3 corporation that manages and operates the Festival.  “We are really looking forward to putting on another great event for the town of Gettysburg, its citizens, visitors, and merchants.”  Stay tuned to this site for all kinds of new things coming to the Festival.  For the full schedule, go to “2015 Schedule” at the tab on top of the website.

See you in July!

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