19th Century Base Ball Returns This Week

The 8th Annual Gettysburg National 19th Century Base Ball Festival returns again to Gettysburg for this great annual Summertime family tradition.  22 clubs from all over America are gearing up their wagons, getting on steam ships and hitting the railroad cars to get to central Pennsylvania where they will competing on Saturday and Sunday by playing other clubs by the same rules and customs of 1863 and using the same style uniforms and equipment of the day.

Bring your lawn chairs, shade tents, blankets and picnic baskets and come out and enjoy this completely free family oriented event!  (Parking is managed by Gettysburg Little League and if you’d like to make a donation they would love it!).

965 Pumping Station Road is the location and it starts at 8:30 on Saturday and 8:00 on Sunday and goes on for most of the day.  On Friday night, July 14th don’t miss the kids clinic starting at 6:00pm at the Municipal Fields at 545 Long Lane followed by the All Clubs Match.  Saturday night at 8pm is the 4th Annual Base Ball Walk Down Steinwehr.  Don’t miss a minute of this great weekend!

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