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Before million dollar contracts, televisions,…and steroids, men played base ball for the fun of it.  Now you can witness what a sporting event was like in Gettysburg in 1864.  Six fine clubs from around the region will participate in an actual base ball tournament on July 17 & 18 at the Hickory Hollow Farm using the same rules and customs as well as the same style uniforms and equipment that would have been used in the Mid 19th century!

To put on such a tournament, we need the public’s help both from businesses and individuals.  If you think this soon to be summertime tradition would be a great addition to Gettysburg, would you please consider  becoming a patron of the tournament?  Your $20 will go a long way to paying for the expenses of the event.

_____   In exchange for just your $20, you will receive:

  • A preferred Parking Pass for the event
  • A commemorative broadside of the event
  • Email updates about the tournament
  • A commemorative “ticket”
  • Your name listed on our website which is
  • Your name listed as a patron in our program

______  If you wish to contribute $50 as a Golden Patron, you will receive everything a patron does and:

  • A complimentary event program
  • A vintage ball that is just like the kind used in the event patterned after a ball from 1864

Name: _____________________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

Town: ___________________________________  State: _________  Zip Code: _________________

Email (if you want updates): ___________________________________________________________

___ Yes, I want to take advantage of the parking pass  ___ No a parking spot is not necessary.

Please make check out to: Eclipse BBC of Elkton, and send to Gettysburg Tournament,

100 Augusta Drive, Elkton, MD 21921.  or you can drop it off at Gettysburg Eddies..

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  1. I am interested in being a Golden Patron. Is it too late to do that?


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