A big thank you to all of our sponsors who made this year’s event a huge success.  We would not have been able to do it without your assistance!

Destination Gettysburg (www.destinationgettysburg.com)

Schroeder Family Farm

Gettysburg Eddies (www.gettysburgeddies.com)

Steinwehr BID (www.enjoygettysburg.com)

Hockley and O’Donnell Insurance Agency (hockleyandodonnell.com)

America’s Best Value Inn (AmericasBestValueGettysburgPa.com)

Quality Inn Gettysburg (www.QualityInnGettysburg.com)

Reliance Mine Saloon (www.rilancemine.com)

The Regimental Quartermaster (www.regtqm.com)

O’Rorke’s Family Eatery (ororkes.com)

Gettysburg Ghost Tours 


19th Century Baseball (www.19cbaseball.com)

Gettysburg Tours (www.gburgtours.com)

 Gettysburg Heritage Museum

Stockbridge Sewing Works (www.stockbridgesewingworks.com)


The Horse Soldier

Gettysburg History Center

Gettysburg Souvenirs and Gifts

Prowler Bat Company




One response to “Sponsors

  1. Nice hookup with Gettysburg Eddie’s. Like the whole connection to Eddie Plank & 19th C base ball.

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