The Fields

Welcome to Schroeder Farm at 965 Pumping Station Rd, Gettysburg, PA.  Sat upon this farm used by Pickett to gather his men before his famous charge, are five base ball fields with rolling hills and 19th century farms as backdrops.  Besides hosting several reenactments and having the film ‘Gettysburg’ filmed there, the farm changed hands 3 times during the battle.


Only minutes from the town square in Gettysburg, the Farm is located right near the 2nd and 3rd day battlefields. Start at Lincoln Square in the center of Gettysburg.

  • Take 2nd exit from roundabout Lincoln Sq onto Baltimore St (US-15-BR). 0.5 mi/
  • Bear right onto Steinwehr Ave (US-15-BR). 1.9 mi/
  • Turn right onto Millerstown Rd. 0.9 mi/
  • Continue on Pumping Station Rd. 1.3 mi/
  • Your destination on Pumping Station Rd is on the right. The trip takes 4.6 mi/ and 10 mins.

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